In response to COVID-19, Riverside County has prohibited all short term rentals, including hotels, motels, vacation rentals, timeshares, and other short term lodging facilities that provide lodging for less than sixty days. The sixty days requirement is more stringent that most short term rentals, which usually have a maximum of thirty days. The Order is effective through June 19, 2020, but may be amended depending on the circumstances.

The only exceptions allowing for short term rentals are:

  • Lodging to protect the homeless
  • Lodging for persons who have been displaced and cannot return home because there is a person at the residence who must self quarantine or is higher at risk of severe illness.
  • Lodging for essential workers who are necessary to perform functions in the County.

There are significant fines to any homeowner or real estate salesperson who violates the Emergency Ordinance. A copy of the Emergency Ordinance can be found here “Amended Order.”