The City of Los Angeles has adopted several emergency moratoria addressing evictions and rent for rental units in Los Angeles city limits due the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergency orders substantially limit what a landlord can and cannot do with a tenant who has not paid rent or in a few other limited circumstances.

Rent Freeze

Rent increases for all units subject to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance (“LARSO”) are prohibited after March 30, 2020, including any rent increases that were supposed to go into effect on April 1, 2020. The rent freeze applies for sixty days after the local emergency ends.

No Fault Eviction Moratorium

The City of Los Angeles has prohibited any landlord from being evicted due to a “no-fault” eviction during the COVID-19 local Ellistate of emergency. “No-fault” evictions include owner occupancy evictions, Ellis Act evictions, and evictions due to an unpermitted unit.

COVID-19 Related Evictions (Non-Rent)

The City of Los Angeles has prohibited any landlord from evicting a tenant due to unauthorized occupants, unauthorized pets or nuisances as a result of circumstances related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Related Evictoins (Non-payment of Rent)

Beginning March 4, 2020, a landlord in the City of Los Angeles cannot evict a residential tenant for non-payment of rent if the tenant’s reason for not paying the rent is COVID-19 related, including the following:

  • Tenant’s loss of income due to workplace closure or reduced hours due to COVID-19
  • Tenant’s loss of income or increased childcare expenditures due to school closures
  • Tenant’s healthcare expenditures related to being ill due to COVID-19 or having a member of a tenant’s household that had COVID-19
  • Loss of income relating to reasonable expenditures stemming from the government ordered shut down.

Although the City’s ordinance does not require a tenant to provide documentation, the Statewide order does. A tenant will have twelve months to repay the rent owed during the COVID-19 state of emergency from the date the local emergency has ended. A landlord may not charge interest or a late fee on the rent due.

The City of Los Angeles is not requiring any landlord or tenant to enter into any sort of repayment plan, although the obligation to pay rent is not relieved. It is important to note that the rent will not be relieved once the local state of emergency ends meaning rent will still be due.

It is important to note that the eviction moratorium and rent freeze discussed above only applies to the City of Los Angeles, and not to the entire County. Neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles include Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Toluca Lake, Atwater Village, Glassell Park, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Hollywood, East Hollywood, Little Armenia, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silverlake, Koreatown, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Valley Village, Tujunga, Sunland, Sun Valley, and Panorama City among others.

If you have any questions regarding the City of Los Angeles’ COVID-19 eviction protections and rent freeze, please contact Attorney Anthony  Marinaccio at 818-839-5220.