The City of Glendale has imposed a number of restrictions on landlords in light of the COVID-19 emergency. As a result of emergency orders, the City of Glendale has imposed a rent freeze and an eviction moratorium.

Rent Freeze

The rent freeze applies from March 24, 2020. A landlord may not raise any tenant’s rent until the expiration of the emergency order. A landlord may not issue any notice to raise the rent during the emergency time period even if the rent increase would not be effective until after the emergency order is lifted.

Currently, the rent freeze is effective through April 30, 2020 (please look at future updates to see if this date changes). The rent freeze applies to all residential units throughout Glendale except the following types of units:

  • Single family dwellings
  • Condominium units
  • Apartment units built after February 1, 1995

Eviction Moratorium

The City of Glendale has imposed an eviction moratorium prohibiting a landlord from filing any unlawful detainer (eviction) action against a residential or commercial tenant unable to pay rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tenants must retain documentation to show that their inability to pay rent during the COVID-19 emergency was due to a COVID-19 related reason.

For commercial tenants, a tenant must inform their landlord in writing within 14 days that rent is due (except for April) that the tenant is unable to pay rent.

For residential tenants, a tenant must provide a landlord in writing within 7 days that the tenant is unable to pay the rent. The tenant will have to show documentation to support deferring rent payments at the time the tenant pays the back due rent.

Tenants will have up to twelve months after the expiration of the COVID-19 emergency order to pay back deferred rent.

It is important to note for landlords who attempt to file an eviction during the moratorium, the tenant may have defenses due to the Emergency Order.

Rent During COVID-19

Glendale has not waived or released any duties to pay rent. Any tenant who has the ability to pay rent should be paying rent. Eventually rent will be due. It is important to note that a landlord may not colect late fees or charge interest on unpaid rent for deferred rent. This is not a blanket moratorium, meaning a landlord could still serve notices for breaches of the lease or non-payment not due to COVID-19 related issues.

The City of Glendale has provided further information regarding the Citywide eviction moratorium and rent freeze here.

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