A number of cities in Los Angeles County have imposed some combination of COVID-19 related eviction moratorium and rent freeze for rental units in their respective cities. As the number of cities that have enacted such emergency ordinances grows, it is important for landlords before serving Three Day Notices to Pay Rent or Quit or filing unlawful detainers actions to understand those emergency ordinances as the ordinances may provide a valid defense to a tenant fighting an eviction.

Considering the backlog the courts will face when they do reopen in Los Angeles County, delays in obtaining a judgment (even by default) may take longer than before. As a result, it is important to have an unlawful detainer action that has fewer available defenses to a tenant.

In general as a result of the Judicial Council’s actions in delaying the issuing of a summons in any unlawful detainer action, I am recommending that landlords and tenants talk before a landlord initiates any sort of unlawful detainer action. “Talking” can include some sort of written agreement for a payment plan or an understanding that rent payments may be made at a later date (although that should also be memorialized in writing). It is important to note that many COVID-19 eviction moratoria allow tenants up to one year to make payments for rent due during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

Some cities have enacted ordinances only for residential units, while other cities have enacted ones for commercial units as well.  The following list and links are courtesy of Los Angeles County (the complete list is here). The list will be ever changing, so it is important to note that this list may change when being read at a future date. Further, if a city does not have a local ordinance hte Los Angeles County Ordinance would apply. The cities in Los Angeles County that have enacted local ordinances are:

Ordinances Regulating Residential and Commercial Units: 

Ordinances Regulating Residential Units Only:

Ordinances Regulating Commercial Units Only:

If you are a landlord or tenant with questions about a local ordinance, please contact Attorney Anthony Marinaccio at 818-839-5220.