The Daily Breeze recently had an article focusing on the evictions of businesses from Ports O’Call in San Pedro. Month-to-month commercial tenants can face eviction as easily as a Thirty Day Notice to Quit which does not have to provide any reason for the eviction. Often times the defenses available to residential tenancies such as the implied warranty of habitability do not apply to commercial tenancies.

Although San Pedro is in the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance does not apply to commercial tenancies. Month to month tenancies put tenants sometimes in a disadvantage because a landlord can easily evict a tenant using a thirty day notice to quit. Although there can be defenses, an eviction on a long term business can be disastrous.

The article, “Ports O’Call Shop Owners Protest October Evictions from San Pedro,” can be found on the Daily Breeze.