A large landlord recently sued Airbnb claiming that Airbnb helped tenants to violate their lease by allowing them to rent their units on a short term basis. The Court found that Airbnb cannot held liable for a tenant violating his lease. This decision leaves open the fact that the tenant is still liable under the lease, although it was found that Airbnb is not liable.

The lawsuit involved an upscale apartment building where tenants were renting short term to others via Airbnb. The landlord claimed the Airbnb renters were causing nuisance and were seeking to prevent Airbnb from listing spaces in the landlord’s apartment building.

This lawsuit does not help a tenant who is being evicted for renting their unit on Airbnb. Generally, if a lease prohibits a sublease or an assignment, the tenant is still not allowed to rent their unit on Airbnb or other short term rental sites.

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